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FAT Online

Objective Oriented Design

  • Organized by Learning Objective to prepare students with employable skills.
  • Each objective covers the learning theory and procedure material to prepare students to diagnose, demonstrate and perform required tasks to meet NATEF standards.
  • Each objective is immediately followed by a short assessment to make sure students understand the objective.

FAT Online

State of the Art Curriculum

  • Featuring over 225 interactive animations and over 1,000 closed-captioned videos.
  • Mobile compatible with all platforms including Apple iOS & Android devices.
  • Textbook aligns with online program chapter by chapter.
  • E:book and audio book offers additional tools for various learning styles.

FAT Online

2017 NATEF Tasksheets

  • 100% aligned to 2017 NATEF Standards.
  • Students may submit tasksheets online to receive a grade directly in the gradebook.

FAT Online

Improved Assessments

  • Over 8,000 questions aligned to learning objectives.
  • Every question has been reviewed by a subject matter expert before submission to the new test bank, reducing errors.

FAT Online

Instructor Dashboard

  • Completion Progress Bar allows instructors to view at a glance how the whole class is progressing and immediately interact with individuals to keep the class in synch.
  • Activity analytics display student activity.
  • NATEF Report shows completed NATEF tasks by priority for accreditation

FAT Online


  • Grades may be exported to excel

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