Fundamentals of Automotive Technology

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Far more than a book, Fundamentals of Automotive Technology is a complete curriculum system. This system pairs accessible online content with the textbook and supplements to enhance student learning. Online resources engage students and improve comprehension with interactive content, quizzes, videos, 3D animations and more. Reporting tools deliver insights into student progress. Tasksheets can be easily stored and graded online. Plus, students and instructors can access these resources from nearly all devices and platforms, including Apple iOS and Android.

FAT 3E Online

About Fundamentals of Automotive Technology, Third Edition

  • Reorganized content into 75 easy-to-follow chapters
  • Revised Learning Objectives that ensure students recognize important topics and takeaways
  • Updated content adding information on present-day technology, procedures, and equipment
  • A brand-new suite of photos and illustrations that visually enhance every chapter
  • Each print copy of the text comes with an eBook that includes two online-only chapters (Chapter 74: Electric, Hybrid, and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles and Chapter 75: Alternative Fuel Systems)

The All-New Fundamentals of Automotive Technology Online

  • Add or change assignments and rearrange course content
  • Manage due dates with a drag and drop interactive calendar
  • Adjust the online gradebook or export grades as needed
  • View thousands of images, animations, and videos on the same page as relevant content
  • Access the eBook with improved text-to-speech reader technology and adjustable text size

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