Medium/Heavy Truck ONLINE

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FAT Online

Students: Prepare for Work

  • The curriculum solution offers a variety of content material: videos, animations, e-book, audiobook, assessments, and tasksheets all in one place.
  • Videos and skill-drills demonstrate real-life procedures
  • Practice on using tools, virtually
  • Glossary, flashcards, knowledge checks help review key concepts
  • Study from home, computer lab, or on-the-go from a tablet or phone
  • Built in eBook and Audiobook provide alternatives to reading textbook
  • Build employment portfolio
  • Prepare for certification with ASE Style Questions

FAT Online

Instructors: Teach Effectively

  • Animations and videos illustrate difficult concepts
  • Powerpoint files, Lesson Plans, and Testbanks provided for download
  • Automatic grading on assignments
  • Customer support on-call to help with customization and questions

FAT Online

Fulfill NATEF Requirements

  • Every NATEF tasksheet for Medium/Heavy Truck included
  • Fillable tasksheet PDFs can be organized digitally
  • Meets e-learning standards
  • Easily report time on task, track student progress and usage
  • Crosswalk reference and correlation chart for quick reference

FAT Online

Accommodations & Administration

  • Built-in closed caption on all videos
  • Downloadable audiobook
  • Lecture Outlines provide a lesson plan for every chapter
  • Assessments at every stage of learning
  • Gradebook tracks all gradable assignments

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