Maintenance and Light Repair

We’ve developed a complete curriculum system for Maintenance and Light Repair courses that builds the foundational theory and skills necessary to prepare entry-level technicians to maintain and repair today’s light duty vehicles. Online resources engage students and improve comprehension with interactive content, quizzes, videos, and more. Reporting tools deliver insights into student progress and help save valuable time.

FAT Online

About Maintenance and Light Repair, Second Edition

  • The textbook features current compliance with ASE tasks, including coverage of safety around high-voltage, high-pressure, and high-temperature systems, stop-start issues, and the new GHS hazardous materials guidelines
  • Employability skills, based on ASE requirements, that prepare students for job success and retention right out of the classroom
  • Practical application and breakdown of electrical concepts related to meter usage and circuit testing and diagnosis
  • Student-friendly reading level appropriate for today’s high school classroom

FAT Online

The All-New Maintenance and Light Repair Online

  • Add or change assignments and rearrange course content
  • Manage due dates with a drag and drop interactive calendar
  • Adjust the online gradebook or export grades as needed
  • View thousands of images, animations, and videos on the same page as relevant content
  • Access the eBook with improved text-to-speech reader technology and adjustable text size

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