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Medium/Heavy Duty Diesel Engines

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Designed to prepare students for current ASE Medium/Heavy Duty Truck and Bus series, the robust curriculum system of Medium/Heavy Duty Diesel Engines ensures student comprehension and encourages critical thinking. Online resources engage students with interactive content, quizzes, videos, and more.

Fundamentals of Medium/Heavy Duty Diesel Engines

About Medium/Heavy Duty Diesel Engines, Second Edition

The industry-leading Second Edition offers:

  • Complete coverage for the T2 ASE exam, including starting and charging systems
  • Unique coverage and emphasis on electronic control systems for the L2 Diesel Specialist ASE Exam
  • Dedicated chapters on the latest technology and unique OEM equipment
  • Organized by outcome-based objectives to improve instructional clarity and adaptability
  • Content aligned to the latest ASE Medium-Heavy Truck Program requirements for IMMR through MTST

Medium/Heavy Vehicle Online Curriculum

The All-New Medium/Heavy Vehicle Online Curriculum

  • Pair accessible online content with the textbook and supplements to enhance student learning
  • Access a variety of content material (videos, animations, e-book, audiobook, assessments, and more) all in one place.
  • Track student progress and grade tasksheets online
  • Easily access material from nearly all platforms, including Apple iOS and Android devices

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