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How to create a manually graded activity

On the course page, click the Grades icon in the navigation drawer. Then, click the Setup tab. Scroll to the bottom of the Gradebook setup page and click the Add Grade Item button.

In the New grade item page, enter a name for the activity and select a grade type. If this will be a non-graded activity, select None. Click the Show More link to see the remaining fields and specify parameters for grading the activity. Depending on the Grade type you choose, some parameters may be unavailable.

Under the Parent category heading, click the Grade category dropdown menu to assign the item to a specific category. If you leave the Weight adjusted checkbox clear, the item grade will be assigned a natural weight calculated relative to other activities within that category. If you click to add a checkmark, you can manually specify a value used to adjust the weighting.

When finished, click the Save changes button on this page.

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