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How to customize the gradebook

On the course page, click the Grades icon in the navigation drawer to open the gradebook for the course. From your Grader Report, click the Setup tab.

Graded activities are displayed vertically on the left and are placed under categories and subcategories. Categories are used to group and calculate select graded items together, which represent a weighted section of the overall gradebook. Categories are identified by the folder icon and graded items within the category will be indented directly underneath it.

To the right, under the Weights column, you can manually adjust the weight you want the category to represent for the overall course total. Click the checkbox next to the weight field, enter in the desired value, and click Save.

Please note: Any gradebook weights you choose will always be calculated relative to other category or activity weight values.

Editing an Existing Category

To edit an existing a category, scroll to the heading for the category and click Edit to the right of the heading. Then, click Edit settings.

In the Edit category page that opens, use the Grade category heading to change the category name and/or method of aggregation. Click the Show more link to see more options for this category. Click the Exclude empty grades checkbox if you do not want to aggregate grades for incomplete activities. Use the Drop the lowest field to specify whether to drop the lowest grade or grades.

Expand the Category total heading and click Show more to see the category, grade type, grade to pass, and other aspects of the category total. Expand the Parent category drop-down to move this current category under a different parent category within the gradebook.

When finished, click Save changes.

Creating a New Category

To create a new category, click Add category at the bottom of the gradebook setup page. Name the new category and complete additional fields as desired. If you wish to place this new category within another subcategory, click to expand the Parent category heading. Then, select the desired subcategory from the Parent category list.

When you’re satisfied with the category settings, click Save changes.

Moving Activities Between Categories

To move activities from one category to another, check the selection box to the right of the activity or activities and use the “move selected items to” drop-down menu at the bottom of the page to select a new parent category. Upon selecting the new parent category, your page will automatically refresh to reflect your changes.

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