Training Library


How to view the gradebook

First, log in to your CDX account and navigate to the desired course.

In the system drawer on the left side of the page, click Grades. If the system drawer is minimized to show only icons, click the Grades icon.

The gradebook opens in Grader report view, which displays all students and assignments in a grid format. You can click a different view tab to see other details such as Grade history. Participant names and email addresses appear on the left and assignments are listed across the top.

To view a breakdown of an individual’s grades for the entire course, click the Grades button next to their name. To view a student’s attempt on a specific assignment, click the Grade analysis button next to the grade for that assignment. To easily review and change any results for an individual student or assignment, click the Single View tab.

When you are finished viewing the gradebook, click the course name in the system drawer to return to the course page.

Download the PDF