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How to apply activity tracking to course items

Navigate to the location of the item you wish to apply activity tracking to.

On the item’s page, click the Actions button at the top and select “Turn editing on.” Scroll down to the item. Then, click the edit menu on the right and select “Edit settings”.

Expand the Activity completion section. From the completion tracking drop-down menu, select how you want the item to be tracked. For any tracking, this option must be set to either “Students can manually mark the item as completed” or “Show activity as complete when conditions are met.”

If using the second option, you will also need to choose the criteria for which the item’s completion should be tracked. If the item is not gradable, such as a PDF or other document, your only option will be to check the “Require view” box.

To communicate a date and time by which you expect the student to have completed this item, click the ‘Enable’ checkbox next to the ‘Expect completed on’ field and select your desired timing.

When you are finished, click Save and return to course at the bottom of the page.

Download the PDF