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How to track students’ activity completion

On the course front page, click the Actions menu and select the “More…” option. Under the Course administration options, you’ll find the Report section. Click on “Activity completion”.

The course activity report will open, presenting a comprehensive report of all course items that are tracked for completion and the progress of each student against these requirements. The report shows students’ names and email addresses vertically on the left and displays the course item names that are being tracked for completion horizontally across the top. Use the bottom rows to filter the report to individual students based on the first letters of their names.

A green checkmark indicates that the student received a grade for the given activity. A blue checkmark identifies items that have been opened or accessed by the individual. If a checkbox is blank, the student has yet to complete the activity.

Instructors may override any item’s completion status by clicking the desired checkbox. Any overridden item will display with a red box indicating it has been manually updated.

You may also download this report at any time by selecting the file format of your preference at the bottom of the page.

Download the PDF