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How to manage or edit assignments

Click on the tasksheet assignment you wish to edit. On the assignment page, click the Actions button in the top right and select ‘Edit settings’

Change the assignment name or make any changes to the body of the assignment in the description field. Under the Availability section, enable due dates and times by clicking the ‘Enable’ button on the right.

Control how students are able to submit work under the Submission types section. Under the Submission settings section, use the attempts reopened field to determine how to treat student attempts or submissions that need to be redone as well as how many chances students are given by adjusting the Maximum attempts field.

Under Grade, you can select a grading method and the maximum points students may receive. You can also change the gradebook category the tasksheet is weighted under and set a grade to pass.

Under the Activity completion settings, you can choose how you want the assignment’s completion tracked, how students complete the activity, and a date you expect students to complete the assignment.

Once you are finished, click the Save and return to course button at the bottom of the page.

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