Training Library


How to use the course calendar

From the front page of your course, click the Calendar icon on the left side of the page to see all scheduled events displayed.

To see events for a different course or for all your courses, click the “Detailed month view for” drop-down menu and select a different course or All courses. Click the arrows in the upper left or right or click a month name in the MONTHLY VIEW block to view a different month.

To add a custom event, click the New Event button or point to any date to display the Add pointer and click. Limit which participants in the course can view the event by clicking the Type of event drop-down menu. To reschedule any event to a different date, hover your pointer over the event displayed until your mouse arrow changes to a compass arrow icon. Then, click, hold, and drag the event to a new date.

To export the calendar details to your personal Google, Outlook, or other calendar application, click the Export Calendar button at the bottom of the calendar page.

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