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How to organize products in My Account

When you login to your CDX account, the default page that opens is your Products tab. This displays all courses, resources, and ebooks to which you currently have access.

To remove any products from your view, click the eye icon to the left of the product to hide it. You may hide multiple products at once.

Once the product has been hidden, you must click the Show/Hide Products button towards the top of the tab. Then, the hidden product will disappear from your Products tab view. Once hidden, a product will remain removed from view until it is manually unhidden.

To restore the item back to your products list, simply click the Show/Hide Products button again for it to reappear. Then, click the eye icon to its left to open it.

You can also custom-label courses by applying Nicknames to products. To create a nickname, click on the pencil icon to the left of the course ID you would like to name. A fillable field will then open and you may type in a name of your choosing.

You may also sequentially sort your products by any column on the Products tab by clicking on the heading of the column you wish to sort by.

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