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How to add other instructors

Please note: Each instructor must first enroll in the course as a student. To retrieve complimentary access codes for your staff, please contact [email protected]. Once they are enrolled in the course as a student, the lead instructor can follow the below instructions to promote their access to instructor level.

Log in to your CDX User Account at and click on the “Learners” Tab. Use the filter fields to help locate the user you want to promote to an instructor role in the course.

Please note: If the contact is in multiple courses, you will need to make sure you find the correct user and course ID. If you want to promote the instructor in all of the courses in which they are enrolled, you will need to follow these steps for each course ID.

Click on the user you would like to promote in the applicable course ID. On the following page, click the option to “Promote Student to Instructor”. Then, click “yes” to confirm. The promoted individual will display as an instructor in your course after launching the course from their account.

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