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How to track student tasksheet progress

On the course homepage, the tracking tab to the right displays progress meters reflecting the status of your tasksheet assignments in the course. All course tasksheet assignments are tracked by ASE priorities 1 through 3. Each priority has a dedicated progress block displaying the status of individual tasksheet assignments.

Please note: The tasksheet progress bars on your course homepage only reflect your own individual tasksheet completion.

To view your students’ tasksheet status, click the ‘Overview of students’ button in the desired progress block. Ensure you have the student option selected under the Role dropdown menu.

Student names are displayed vertically on the left followed by the time of their latest access to the course and their progress meters containing each tasksheet assignment tracked for completion. The last column displays the percentage of completed items.

Blue items have not yet been completed, yellow items have been submitted and not yet graded, and green items have been completed and graded.

Please note: A student must complete an online submission for the progress tracker to reflect any status update for that assignment. Grading a student’s tasksheet assignment without any submission will record their score in the gradebook, but not reflect as being complete in their progress bar.

Click an individual’s tasksheet status to go to the submission page where you may grade, provide feedback, or allow the student a subsequent opportunity to resubmit their tasksheet as needed.

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