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How to change the number of attempts on a quiz

First, log in to your CDX account and navigate to the desired course.

On the course page, click the chapter that contains the quiz. In the top right corner of the chapter page, click the Actions button. Then, click Turn editing on.

Click the Edit option next to the quiz you want to edit. Then, click Edit Settings and click Grade.

Click the field to the right of Attempts allowed and select the desired value. Choosing Unlimited means a student can retake the quiz as many times as they wish.

If you choose to allow multiple attempts, you may also want to review the Grading method setting. You can choose to accept the student’s highest grade achieved on an attempt, an average of all their attempts, their first attempt, or their last attempt.

When you’re finished, click Save and return to course to save your changes or Save and display to view the quiz and make additional changes to it.

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