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How to modify quiz content

Navigate to the Chapter page and click on the quiz you’d like to make changes in. Click the Actions button. Then, click Edit quiz.

Drag the Move icon for a question to move it to a new location. Click the Shuffle checkbox if you want the order of questions to change with each new attempt.

To edit an individual question, click the Edit button for the question. To remove a question, click the Delete button to the right of the question. To delete multiple questions, click Select multiple items. Then, click the checkbox next each question you want to delete and click Delete selected.

To add a question or a new section, click Add to the right of the section where you want to add content. To change the point value for a question, click the Edit maximum mark icon and enter a new value in the textbox.

When you’re finished making edits to the quiz, click Save in the top right corner of the quiz page.

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